Emerald City Comic Con 2010

I got to go to Seattle Comic Com this spring. It was our first comic con and well worth it. I love Seattle with a passion and it was a wonderful place to get broken into comic con per say.

First we get up, and drive down to downtown Seattle. We have the net book with us and when we get down to the Convention center we got a bit turned around as to where the parking garage was. This was not our only purpose for our trip, we had a Miniature Dollhouse show the weekend before and went down to the Oregon Coast and spent 4 days in-between events. Oh by the way I just turned 30 on the 8th! So on my birthday we head down to the coast to eat at our most coveted seafood place EVER! Doogers in Seaside. Love the oysters and clam chowder. We planned on camping for 4 nights on this trip knowing it could be very wet and cold. (Most of the time it was both.) So to accommodate this venture, we had to put on the Tulle and load it up. So with camp gear, miniature items to sell and travel computers, e-book readers and Sophia we are attempting to park for ECCC10. Well we pulled into the parking garage and right after doing so noticed the 6' 5" clearance sign which WE HIT! The traffic is heavy at this point with all the eager comic con attendee's and traffic is backing up. The parking garage employee comes running over and told us to pull out of the way. I get out to move the traffic cones separating the incoming and outgoing traffic, so we can take 30 seconds, do a u-turn and get the hell out. She yells at me to not move them and puts them back, so we back up anyway and do a u-turn, almost hitting cones to get out. Something that should have taken 45 seconds to do turned into an embarrassing 5 minute problem. Most parking garages we've been to have a 6' 9" clearance which would have worked for us, but not this time. So on our way yet again, we park 2 blocks away in a pay parking lot.

Now stressed, but excited all the same, we head inside to gather our badges in place of tickets, which we purchased the month before. The lines were very fast, they really had them moving, which was nice. It was a huge convention center, with a Tully's which was a plus. We had a few things planned, like the forums we wanted to be at and of course the shopping on the sales floor. Dan was hoping to get some useable pictures for his photography site Gildedpixel.com. He did get some good ones.

Our schedule was to hear Wil Wheaton speak at noon, Leonard Nimoy at 1 and The Guild at 3 pm. We decided to get there almost 45 minutes early for seating and got a fairly good spot to the stage right in the front row. It was packed for him. 1,500 people and more wanting to come in. He was very out going and enjoyed reading a couple of his short stories he'd written. Not much time for Q&A, but still it was fun. Then Leonard Nimoy. He gets up on stage only to be met with a microphone that won't work and a volunteer who couldn't turn it on. Felt pretty bad for the guy. After that though his Q&A session went well, then he closed with a poem he had written. Last but not least, The Guild. I love Felicia Day and was so disappointed when she cancelled and didn't make it due to some filming in Canada. I was a bit nervous that the ballroom had not been filling up for The Guild, but a few minutes before they came out it finally filled about 2/3rd's the way. As I expected they were a riot and I enjoyed every minute! You've got to see their music video, it's my fav for the year! Do You Want To Date My Avatar

Forums done we were off to shop on the show floor. There were quite a few booths there. It was busy in the corner where all the stars were signing autographs and getting pictures taken. Turns out though the printers weren't working and no one left with pictures anyway. You had to email your photo or detailed description to be able to get the print you payed for. Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) was there as well, sad to see he was manning his own booth though.

Stars seen, forums heard it was now time to shop. We headed over to the Artist tables first off and really had fun browsing. We found a new artist we really liked. Her name is Erika Moen. We got to her table and started browsing the prints she had for sale when this older couple comes right up and pushed me to the side by looking at the binder of prints I was looking at and telling her they have a piece of her art that all their friends just love! They were they for about 10 minutes spouting there heads off to impress her and buying nothing! I am waiting to spend money and every time she turns to talk to me they interrupt her and continue there spiel. Finally getting my chance, I buy a very cute 8x10 print, some post cards and her comic Dar, signing up for the 2nd Dar comic coming out soon as well. It was great to find another wonderful adult comic writer out there.

Last of all we stopped to see R. Stevens. He was a really down to earth nice guy, even gave Sophia a Red Robot cutout.

All in all it was a great experience. Got me thinking that I may have to have a booth there in the future to sell my geek girl jewelry. There did not seem to be any to speak of, but R. Stevens was selling his infamous geek socks. Check ECCC for next years dates, you do get a $10 ticket price discount if you book tickets early.

Until next time...

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