Living in the Country

I was sitting on my couch tonight when all of a sudden there was a giant blue heron who attempted to land on my father in laws cabin out in front of my house. The sun was setting and you could just see his outline. It was amazing. It then flies on to a tree and teeters there before deciding to move on to the shed. There it was the most amazing sight sitting on a peeked roof, silhouetted by a setting sunset looking erect and proud. It makes me so grateful to live in a place of such beauty. Here I can be myself.

When I was a kid I spent so much time outside because we had no money for much else. It was cheap entertainment and I loved it. I spent days playing with my kittens, swimming with my ducks, playing in irrigation ditches, building forts and running through corn fields. It was nature and it was for me. I want my daughter to love it as much as I did as a child and still do.

We took Sophia camping and just let her play. It was the first time we really let her just roam and get into everything. She's a bit past the point of sticking everything into her mouth, though some tasty rocks still found there way. She had the best time playing in the dirt. She couldn't get enough dirt! It was so interesting to see how everything amazed her. It was all so new and fun. We then took her swimming in Lake MacDonald. She squealed and screamed until her teeth were chattering. She loved the water. She's my girl and I think she loves nature as much as I do.

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