Am I a Big Ass Geek Girl?

What is a geek anyway? Do we have to know how to program computers? Know every Star Trek Episode? I like to think not. I've really been thinking about this a lot lately. What makes us girls geeks?

I run 3 web sites. Well my husband set them up and does all the programing for them, but all the content on all 3 sites are provided by myself.
I am writing this blog post from a net book I recently purchased (running Ubuntu) riding with my husband in our Subaru Tribeca headed on a camping trip. As if my Apple G5 in my work room, Mac Titanium (given to my husband) and my Mac Book Pro weren't enough for me? No, I've got to have one more for the road. A bit smaller and lighter. Something I can take everywhere. Now I can take it to Starbucks and look just like all the other people who can't leave their life at home for a moment. The same people I scoffed at for so long. I am now one of them.

I have 5 ipods. The ipod 2G has been retired. Not enough space. ipod Photo has been relegated to the ihome in my daughters nursery. The ipod Classic holds our whole library of 16,328 songs (My latest favorite being Owl City) and goes everywhere we go. The ipod Touch is my favorite as I live in Montana and we can't get the iphone here. The touch is used to tweet with. There's the best app now for it too. Grocery IQ. I love it! Saves me a ton of time in the store. So It's my grocery list as well. I use the Touch for just about everything. Then with the coolest new gadget from Verizon the MIFI makes it possible to connect.

My love of SciFi... We who doesn't love SciFi right? I could watch Firefly all day. I do love a good Chick Flick as well, but it does help if Nathan Fillion is in them. I love Lord of the Rings, Dune, Babylon 5, Crusade, Stargates, Star Trecks, Eureka, Farscape, Battle Star Galactica, Red Dwarf, Tourchwood and Dr. Who. Well you get the idea. I could go on and on and on...

Chumby is my new favorite friend. I just don't want to be left behind in any area of the house without being connected.

Reading. Well I read a lot of genres. My favorite lately is paranormal. I love the Alex Archer books, Kelly Armstrong, L.A. Banks, Nevada Barr, Marie Brennan, Rachel Caine, P.C. Cast, Niel Gainman, Christopher Moore and so many more. My husband had to create a book database for us a couple years ago because we couldn't keep track of them all. There are now 2,997 books in it and at least 3 more boxes of recently purchased books to enter. Went to Powell's in Portland and went home with over $500 worth of books. If the book has a sexy girl with a sword on the cover, I'll buy it.
I now own a Sony Ebook Reader as well. Decided we were running out of space. Have to say I thought I wouldn't care for it as much as paper, but when I am reading and go to turn the page I think that speaks for it's self.

I've turned into quite the comic book collector as well. Just thinking comic books is pretty geeky right?

Then there's video games. We own a PS3, Nitendo Wi, XBox 360, PSP and Nintendo DS. My all time favorite was Diablo for the Mac though.

Podcasts. I listen to many of those too. Twit and Smodcast. When I was pregnant with our daughter I listened to all my maternity and delivery information in the form of podcasts.

Video Podcasts. I love The Guild! Diskcuss, Kitkast, Glacticast and Tiki Bar. Oh and I watch these on the Apple t.v.

I could keep going, but shouldn't. You get the idea. I am a geek. Everyday I do geeky things. I love my geeky husband. My one year old daughter is falling into the geek realm as well, if looking at my computer screen and saying "oh wow" is any indication. The more I think about my geeky life the more I love it.

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