My Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas!

Well I’ve done it. I have finally broken down and decided to write a Christmas letter. A long time ago I use to have time to write a lengthy note with all the Christmas cards, but alas it is no longer to be...

It has been a very fast and eventful year for us. Sophia has been a joy to watch grow. It’s gone by so fast too. She is very independent and full of fun. Before her first birthday she would no longer allow me to feed her. The only way to get her to eat is to let her do it her self, and eat she will. I’ve never met a baby who eats everything on her plate. It might have to do with the fact Dan was feeding her sauerkraut at 3 months old and she just loved it! We giver her everything to eat that we eat, and there is little she doesn’t like.

Sophia started walking at 1 year and 1 week old. She has discovered the slide and loves the out doors. We took her camping this summer in Glacier National Park and there she learned to swim in cold Lake McDonald. She would have stayed in much longer if we’d have let her, but the shivering lips gave her away. The rest of her time was spent playing in the tent, reading and playing in the dirt. She loved the hikes we took with her in the baby backpack.

She doesn’t talk much yet, but one of her favorite things to say is “oh wow!” She just doesn’t feel the need to jabber and spends a lot of time in her room reading her books. She dances when she hears music and spends a great deal of time playing her harmonica. She is such a joy to have around. Her dad had to make sure she was a geek girl at heart, so she has her own web site and it is mostly updated monthly.

Dan’s dad (John) had a bout with Diverticulitis and ended up in the hospital in July for a week with no food or water. It was a miserable stay, but luckily he made it through without having to have surgery. He’s slowing down a bit now and is quite careful with his diet. We did a lot of thinking and decided that with John not able to work as much now it was time to sell the cows. It was too big of a job for one person, but not enough money to hire someone else. We feel it’s been the right decision, but it’s still been hard as we miss the them. Not being out in the -40 zero weather has been a plus:) We still maintain fences, but now lease the land. We allow hunting through Block Management and it’s been working really well for us.

My business with the miniatures and jewelry is in full swing now. It’s become my job and no longer my hobby. I do love it and don’t mind in the least. We will now be doing more travel for upcoming Miniature shows in Seattle, Portland and Boise. Dan has been very hard at work updating both web sites to a new updated look. and are the web sites. Sophia spends her days with me in my work room. First it was in the bassinet and now the playpen. Soon her own table and chair. She is always wanting to see what I am working on and trying to help. She’s going to be very good with her hands someday.

I do as much cooking and baking as I can and love both. I try new recipes often and usually don’t get any dirty looks:) Dan surprised me one day with my own cooking web site. It’s been so much fun putting all my favorite recipes on the site. When Dan was 13 his mom and him made a cook book called Glorious Grub and I’ve been working getting the cookbook online as well. Wonderful recipes. Must try the eggnog one! Yum... I made jam for the first time this year. I had a wonderful time and will be making much more in the future.

Dan has a love for photography and will be venturing into this field more and more. He does all my pictures for my web sites and is very talented. Favorite things to take pictures of would be nature, animals, bugs, stars and of course Sophia! He will be working on a new web site after Christmas for his work. Some of his pictures can be found at

We now have a new kitten to add to the mix, Andromeda (Romi for short). She and Sophia get along very well and chase each other all over the house. It’s a toss up as to who’s chasing who. Rascal our male kitty has diabetes, but it is controlled with 2 insulin shots a day and he does fairly well.

Well for me not wanting to write a Christmas letter I’ve become very long winded. I hope this finds everyone in good health and having a wonderful Christmas Season.

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