New Fly Fishing Earring are done!

I've got a brand new line of fly fishing earrings done and some new spinner ones as well. They are under Nature Girl. There will be about a dozen more styles going up this week as well.

Winter is Coming...

Well I am snuggled up in my blanket with a cup of Black Mint tea next to my husband who is happily playing Skyrim, thinking about settling in for winter. We used to have to be out in the weather every cold bitter day before we sold the cows and now it's a pleasent thought to think about being closed in for the season.

Double Rainbow Earrings All the Way!

I heard about this video on youtube a few weeks ago and died laughing!

Flying Spaghetti Monster Earrings

Well my husband is always coming up with new ideas for me to make. The newest one is making flying spaghetti monster earrings. Sometimes I think he wished he was a girl so he could wear all these good ideas of his. Instead I call him my metro-sexual man. (He loves to shop for shoes and clothes for me, not your a typical guy) I couldn't love it more! So I peruse his ideas as much as I can and add my own along the way. I think we make a good pair.

I am pretty sure the next comic-con I go to, I will be wearing these FSM earrings. Can't wait to think what you all think of them...

Emerald City Comic Con 2010

I got to go to Seattle Comic Com this spring. It was our first comic con and well worth it. I love Seattle with a passion and it was a wonderful place to get broken into comic con per say.

Tucson Rock and Gem Show in AZ

I am in AZ right now for a few days and went to the very well acclaimed Tucson Rock and Gem show. It runs for 2 weeks right in the heart of Arizona and it was even more amazing than I could imagine! We only could make it for 1 day this trip, and it just wasn't enough time to go through even a quarter of it. There were people from all over the world, with the most amazing talents and collections. We bought Herkimer Diamonds from NY, beads from China and India, coins from Rome and Scotland, rocks from AZ, intricately beaded necklaces form India. It was so much and so little time.

Sophia's Christmas Pictures

I told Sophia we were going to take our Christmas pictures after I got her all dressed up and her hair made. She looked at me and promptly ran over to her stuff animal collection and picked out 2 kitties to get her pictures with. I am not sure why those two were picked, but they must have been something special. The only other animal I could get her to hold was her Tigger that she sleeps with. The rest of them she would have nothing but the two kitties she picked. Here are some of my favorites out of the 200 or so that Dan took of her.

My Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas!

Well I’ve done it. I have finally broken down and decided to write a Christmas letter. A long time ago I use to have time to write a lengthy note with all the Christmas cards, but alas it is no longer to be...

Living in the Country

I was sitting on my couch tonight when all of a sudden there was a giant blue heron who attempted to land on my father in laws cabin out in front of my house. The sun was setting and you could just see his outline. It was amazing. It then flies on to a tree and teeters there before deciding to move on to the shed. There it was the most amazing sight sitting on a peeked roof, silhouetted by a setting sunset looking erect and proud. It makes me so grateful to live in a place of such beauty. Here I can be myself.

Am I a Big Ass Geek Girl?

What is a geek anyway? Do we have to know how to program computers? Know every Star Trek Episode? I like to think not. I've really been thinking about this a lot lately. What makes us girls geeks?

I run 3 web sites. Well my husband set them up and does all the programing for them, but all the content on all 3 sites are provided by myself.

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